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Philosophy on LJ

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For those who engage with philosophy regularly and who wish to expand their readings.
real_philosophy is a community for those who engage with philosophy regularly and who wish to expand their readings. We expect all participants to bring fresh ideas to the table and to contribute outside their comfort zones. So this is not the best place to bring your homework questions, nor will we take kindly to those who are literal-minded or who lack flexibility of mind or subtlety of thinking.

We expect all members to participate and dialog in good faith for the purpose of improving one another's positions, not dominating one another. This community is for mature participants interested in learning from one another and engaging in spirited debate and dialog, and so you should be prepared to constructively engage interlocutors from different philosophical perspectives, even perspectives radically different from your own.

Your community maintainers are:
apperception - apperception [at] livejournal [dot] com
cabrutus -
lilwilly - lilwilly [at] adelphia [dot] net
mendaciloquent - ciloquent [at] yahoo [dot] com
mirukux - ljphilosophy [at] milkmiruku [dot] com

Online Philosophy Resources
absurdism, aesthetics, agency, agnosticism, analytic philosophy, ancient greek philosophy, argument, aristotle, atheism, ayer, bentham, berkeley, buddhism, camus, certainty, chomski, codex, coherence theory, compatibilism, consequentialism, constructivism, continental philosophy, contingency, correspondence theory, deduction, deism, deontology, derrida, descartes, determinism, dialectic, doubt, dualism, empiricism, enlightenment, epistemology, essentialism, ethics, existence, existentialism, fallacies, fallibism/infallibilism, foundationalism, free will, frege, hegel, hermeneutics, human condition, hume, idealism, impossibility, induction, inference, instrumentalism, intuition, justification, justified true belief, kant, kripke, language acts, libertarianism, liberty, locke, logic, logical behaviorism, logical positivism, logicism, matter, meaning, meditation, metaphysics, mill, mind, modal logic, modality, monism, moore, morality, morals, mysticism, necessity, nietzsche, nominalism, number, objectivism, occam's razor, ontology, pantheism, parsimony, perception, phenomenology, philosophy, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, plato, pluralism, political theory, positivism, post-modernism, pre-socratics, process theory, quine, rationalism, realism, reason, relativism, romanticism, russell, ryle, sartre, scientific method, searle, secular, self, semantics, skepticism, socialism, socrates, solipsism, sophism, stoicism, subjectivism, syllogism, taoism, tarski, tautology, theism, truth, utilitarianism, whitehead, wittgenstein


город, история, образование, общество, политика, происшествия, религия, знаменитости, искусство, литература, музыка, спорт, философия, дети, наука, россия, экономика

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